Crime Scene Forensics, LLC
    Crime Scene Forensics, LLC, is a full service crime scene reconstruction consulting company, specializing
in Crime Scene Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, Officer
Involved Shootings, Forensic and Investigative Training, and Demonstrative Evidence Preparation. Our staff
can assist you with everything from case review, photography, examination and documentation of evidence,
the reconstruction of events, and the preparation of visual aids for court presentation.

    Our affiliates are comprised of retired, sworn police investigators and forensic scientists, who have vast
investigative and courtroom experience. Our experts are all court qualified, and can provide expert testimony
where warranted.

    We can assist with:
  • Evaluation of the crime scene,
  • Professional photography of the scene       
            and its associated evidence
  • Blood stain pattern analysis
  • Latent print analysis
  • Shooting scene reconstruction
  • Forensic art and facial reconstruction,
            including aging missing children
For something to be scientific, it needs to be reproducible.

 Too often, poor photographs detract from an important aspect of the case. Proper photography is   essential
to depicting forensic evidence and demonstrating expert opinions. Our photography experts have spent entire
law enforcement careers taking photos for court presentations, and will ensure that your case is properly
recorded and presented.

 Crime Scene Forensics, LLC can assist with most forensic consulting needs. We have spent many years
actively working cases, and can provide you with sound, objective forensic opinions, based on the case facts
and available physical evidence. For further information and pricing on all our forensic services, please
us, or call our main number: 888-359-9563
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    We offer law enforcement and criminal justice
seminars and are experienced in developing training
programs to meet specific needs. We provide training in
disciplines such as:

  • Basic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Blood Stain Pattern Analysis
  • Death Scene Investigations
  • Domestic Violence Investigation
  • Crime Scene Forensics for Educators

For course outlines and pricing,
contact us!

 Visual aids in courtroom presentations can have a significant impact on a
case. It's difficult to argue with something that you can physically see.
Using today’s ever expanding crime scene, vast amounts of data, such as
a way that can be understood and properly interpreted.

 Crime Scene Forensics, LLC can create powerful visual aids, and
demonstrative evidence to highlight your next case and to illustrate its
most important aspects. Our artist can create custom illustrations to
completely demonstrate the reconstructed events.