Crime Scene Forensics, LLC
Crime Scene Forensics, LLC offers full training courses on
the following:

  • Basic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Homicide and Questioned Death Scene Investigations
  • Beyond the Crime Scene: Bloodstains and Shooting
  • Hands on Blood Stain Pattern Analysis
  • Homicide and Forensic Death Investigations
  • Crime Scene Forensics for Educators

If your agency is interested in sponsoring one of our
courses, please
e-mail us.

We also offer abbreviated lectures (2 to 8 hour blocks) to
be presented as part of a multidisciplinary conference. We
offer single day presentations in:

  • Homicide and Death Scene Investigations
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Shooting Reconstruction
  • Officer Involved Shooting Investigations
  • Serial Killer/Mass Murder Investigations
  • Preparing for Trial When You Arrive at the Crime
  • Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Investigations
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