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   At a given crime scene, a perpetrator will leave something of
himself at the scene, and will take something  from the scene
with him, when he leaves the scene
    Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction involves much more than the scientific testing of evidence. Crime scene
investigation involves making certain observations about the scene, properly documenting those observations, and collecting
physical evidence from the scene. The physical evidence documented and collected from the scene, will later be used to
validate or invalidate testimony or other investigative leads. Physical evidence is powerful; as it is difficult to argue with
something that you can physically see.

    Crime Scene Forensics, LLC has over 30 years of practical crime scene and major case investigation experience.  We
can provide an analysis of your case, either on scene, or from case records provided to us. After a complete review of the
case material that you provide to us, we will render opinions, based on the facts of your case and in conjunction with
underling scientific principles, that will be outlined in prepared reports.

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Crime scene investigators document and collect physical evidence in order to:
         1. Prove that a particular crime was committed
         2. Corroborate or refute:
                 A. Victim's account of the incident
                 B. Witness' statements/accounts of the incident
                 C. Defendant's confession - suspect/witness statement  
         3.Validate or invalidate leads/theories developed by case investigators
         4. Demonstrating physical evidence in legal proceedings

Crime scene investigators accomplish these objectives through:
         A. Photographs
         B. Sketches/Notes/Measurements
         C. Evidence Collection
         D. Results of scientific exams
         E. Applying specialized fields such as bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting reconstruction, etc...

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